Lucas Chauffeur Car Service

Lucas Chauffeur Car Service

Lucas performs an excellent location for corporate events, hosting weddings and even spending vacations with your family. However, it’s really important to get a trustworthy and reliable commuting means to travel from one place to another; otherwise, it will ruin the experience of your visit. People who plan to enjoy the journey must hire cars from Chauffeur Car Service to get a top-end travel experience. If you’re worried about which Private Taxi Hire company to trust then worry not because Lucas most established Chauffeur Car Service Hire Company is more than happy to help you.

Our private taxi hire is having such many deals on different cars which you can easily hire. Lucas Chauffeur Car Service always provides good quality cars and service to customers. Our luxury cars or Chauffeurs provide you with the best services in Locus. We care about you and your comfort.


They say that necessity is the mother of invention and Airport Cabs Melbourne was born from a personal need to have access to a reliable and professional travel service which operates at a premium level. We are smart and completely customer-aware service utilizing high-end vehicles enhanced by superb customer service, flexibility and attention to detail.

Airport Cabs Melbourne is fully licensed to do what we do so you can rest assured that you are travelling with a fully compliant company. We use a fully web-based booking system which means you can ask for an exact quote and confirm your booking in less than a minute. It also offers various methods of payment and will also provide you with an invoice prior to travel. We can say you will have a simple and stress-free travel.

We don’t just drive you from point A to B we transport you there in style, in comfort, with complimentary wifi, and with current newspaper on an ipad which you can use to browse the web also. While travelling you will also get peace and quiet if you want it.


To be honest no one likes to face the stress of the Airport. To escape this uncomfortable environment, a person needs a comfortable ride from point A to B and that’s where Lucas Chauffeur Car Service come in to save the day. We always make sure that all our clients find comfort and satisfaction in our Chauffeur services. Along with that, you can choose from a wide range of vehicles, including the high-in-demand BMW 7 Series car from Lucas Chauffeur Car Service and elegant corporate cars designed to impress you as well as the onlookers.

Lucas Private Taxi Hire has been in the business of providing cabs for a long time, but that’s not the only reason why you should pick us. Here are some reasons to choose us:

  • We have a fixed and fair
  • 24*7 we are available for service.
  • We have a record of zero delays.
  • All our drivers are totally experienced.
  • Our vehicles are totally updated and of good quality.
  • We also have flight data monitoring facility.

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