Wendouree Chauffeur Car Service

Wendouree Chauffeur Car Service


Wendouree is a large suburb on the northwestern rural-urban fringe of the city of Ballarat, in Victoria, Australia. It is the second most populated suburb in the City of Ballarat. Wendouree has the second major commercial and business hub in Greater Ballarat, and is also the location of several Ballarat-based commercial and industrial firms. Here, there is a great demand for Mercedes Benz S Class model. Being a major hub of commerce, the value of such luxury cars is very high that only we are here to provide one of those chauffeur cars for you as your private taxi hire. Our Wendouree Chauffeur Car Service is one of the recognized services to offer you such deals on chauffeur cars. Mercedes Benz S Class serves a couple friendly car with lots of facilities which will ensure a great ride.


Being an active place for commercial and business purposes, there is a need for good travelling facilities. For which we are here, our wendouree chauffeur car service is there to serve you. We have large and quality-based private taxi hire services available for your service in the airport. All kinds of pickup and drop from or to the airport are provided.

Mercedes Benz S Class being one of the most uniquely designed cars with a great interior gives a proper vibe to our passengers. Safety measures of this car are top class. Though having a capacity of five seats but carrying ten numbers of airbags. Not only about this car, but all our private taxis are also well maintained with great safety measures. We have a specific team of members monitoring the flight schedules which helps us and even our passengers too. People often face booking issues with cab services but our Wendouree chauffeur car service is having a static application via which we can book any chauffeur from the airport or to the airport also there is a not little glitch you will face while booking.

We can assure you that after riding with us or getting our service you won’t regret it. Availability of daily present newspapers, magazines and also with a proper wifi connection. Not only about Mercedes Benz S Class we also have luxury SUVs which a having a good capacity of carrying luggage of many people with a proper seating arrangement too.


When you’re visiting a new location, especially for important meetings or events then you need a reliable means of transport. In such cases, public transport is highly undependable. For that Wendouree chauffeur car service is there for you. We offer executive chauffeur-driven cars in Wendouree for occasions like family tours or corporate meetings. Our private taxi hire services also facilitate transit to events like concerts, work, business and weddings. Not only that we have our airport cab service too. Having static strategy to serve airport passengers with best efforts. Our team is working 24*7 constantly to reach our passengers to give them a comfortable ride and facilities. We are regularly upgrading our services to offer you comfortable travel with great value for money.

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